18 February 2010

Art Teacher Meeting

Met with the art teachers yesterday to give them submission forms and to talk about the show. Here are the highlights of this year's show...

This year the art show will take place Thursday, June 17th from 6-8pm. Voting will again be from 6-7:30pm. Submissions are due the last day of school, June 9th unless other arrangements are made. I am working with our tech person to come up with a more efficient way to count ballots.

The Friends of the Independence Township Library are again sponsoring the event in the amount of $700. I am looking for additional contributions and donations in the way of prizes etc. Last year Target donates $20 in gift cards. I am hoping to ask for more this year and also to get Caribou Coffee to serve coffee during the show. If you have an suggestions for other places I might seek support please let me know.

I will once again need to borrow display boards and will contact _____in late May early June to set this up.

You may notice the logo this year is the same, we just added 2010 to it. This is an attempt to brand the art show so it becomes recognizable in the community and something people expect to see every year. It was suggested last year that perhaps there could be a contest where students designed logos. I like the idea and think it would be a great way for us to collaborate once the show is firmly established.

Some things on the submission form have changed this year. Please encourage students to read the guidelines and retain that page for their own information as well as to fill out the form completely with a valid phone number. Last year, may students and parents also did not know it was a public show. I will be sending postcards this year to those who submit pieces to remind them, but if you could stress it as well that would be great. Some of the changes on the form include:

  • A pick-up deadline of January 1st 2011. I still have pieces in my office from last year’s show and in an attempt to get them picked up or at least be able to do something with unclaimed pieces eventually without being later found at fault, this note was added. I feel this is a reasonable amount of time especially considering how frequently I call and remind them to pick up their pieces.
  • There is still a note asking permission to display the item through the summer. It was great last year to have the pieces in our library for patrons and staff to enjoy.
  • A third page has been added to the submission form this year. Last year, a release was included in the second page of the form asking permission to take pictures of the art work. Later our Friends of the Library wanted to use pictures of the art work on a bookmark and it was decided that release was not extensive enough. In an attempt to have a more valid release form the third page was created. Have students contact me if they have questions and reassure them that the use of images of their work is only for support of the library and that those images will not be sold or used for profit. Support of the library includes use of images on bookmarks, in the newsletter, on our website, on the scrolling kiosk at the circulation desk, etc. I can provide you all with more copies of the bookmark if you need more to show as an example of what those images may be used for.
  • I forgot to mention it at the actual meeting, but copies of this year’s posters will probably be available next month and I will drop of copies to all of you.