05 June 2009

Getting Entries!

All 64 invitations that need mailing have been mailed! The next newspaper ad has also been submitted and that should appear in the paper Wednesday, June 10th so keep a look out for it. I did pick up some entries from the High School and they are lovely! More should be ready for me on Monday. The display panels will be here early next week. Jan and I will also be going shopping on the 11th.

Everything is coming together for the art show but there is still much to do and the day of the show and the day after will be very busy. I will be sending out a staff email soon asking for helpers. I need to sit down and figure out exactly what I need help with, but it will probably include help with hanging the art, helping at the actual event, cleaning up that night and the day after and finally, hanging up the art work in the main part of the library for the summer. I also might need help picking up food the day of, or if anyone wants to bake cookies for the event. If you are available, I would greatly appreciate everyone's time in helping me. Let me know if you are interested.

In other news: you can make your own sidewalk paint by mixing equal parts cornstarch and water with a little food coloring.

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