28 May 2009

Donations & Submissions

I heard back from Target today and they will be donating 4 $5 gift cards to the art show as soon as I drop off a letter on letter head detailing the event. YAY! We may still need one more gift card, but we will deal with that when the time comes.

I also received half a submission. Someone turned in a submission form with a note saying that their teacher still had the art work. Hopefully this means that more submissions are coming and soon!

I gave the invitation list to Lydia today and the list includes 62 people. Those should be mailed out next week. I also need to drop a poster off to the Senior Center for the event and see if I can find other businesses to display a poster.

In other news, Palmer Paint no longer makes sidewalk paint in individual colors (only in buckets of 4 colors) so I will have to find a good recipe online for sidewalk paint to make red and purple and hope it doesn't permanently dye anything. I will try and do a test batch next week.

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