27 May 2009

The art show is coming!

Its still May but I can feel the art show creeping up on me and there is still so much to do!

I called Target yesterday to request a donation and the woman I spoke with was very friendly. With any luck she will get back to me and we will have runner-up prizes for the art show too! I did look into a couple other options for donations, but many of them require as much as two months notice so for this year I will just be happy to get some Target gift cards.

I have just about finalized the invitation list. I did have to buy more note cards for invitations and those should be here soon. Lydia had designed lovely invitations and after some coaching from her I managed to make mailing labels that will not disgrace us all. Lydia and I also decided to include in the invitation a small business size card asking the recipient to share the invitation with family, friends and coworkers. With any luck, the turnout for the show should be good. Now, if only I could start getting more art show submissions...

I ordered black table cover from oriental trading, which is a little more expensive than I originally allowed in my budget, but not knowing how many tables will need to be covered, I figured that this might actually end up being the easier and cheaper option. I am also making plans with Jan to go shopping for some nonperishable items for the show. Thanks Jan!

With any luck invitations will go out next week and the second ad will appear in the paper shortly after that. Time is flying by!

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