01 May 2009

Letters, letters, and more letters!

While I have been keeping a journal in a Word document as I work on this art show, I thought this might be a better way to share progress with everyone on what I am doing and what the heck is going on! This blog will start rather midway through the process, so be aware: a lot has happened to get to this point.

I spent the day going through the local Chamber of Commerce to decide which organizations I wanted to send invitations to for the actual show. As I was going through I attempted to sort the organizations into different categories. Instead of being helpful, this only gave me three random documents with lists of organization names and addresses. However, I did have the brilliant idea to send letters to church youth ministries to see if they would share the art show with their teens. I wrote a letter and sent it to 17 different local churches, plus another local youth organization, along with a copy of the art show submission form.

I really don't know if the churches will respond, but the more this art show develops the more I feel I should be as inclusive as possible. If anyone has any suggestions for other types of organizations to contact, I would be willing to send them a letter as well. As for the rest of the Chamber of Commerce list...I do have a good few organization in mind to invite to the actual show. In addition, I am tempted to contact some local business for donations to sweeten the prize pot a little. I will write more on what I decide on that front as I try to make sense of my three seperate lists.

Also, I did call the paper today and I have the email address of where I need to send our copy to for the ad to be run on May 13th. It has to be in by May 8th! I also might need to order more blue paper for submission forms and more notecards to print on...but those are my random thoughts on things I need to keep in mind.

Until next time...

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