15 May 2009

Making Lists!

I am once again making lists! This time list of people to send invitations to for the event. So far this list includes inviting members of various township entities like the township board, the planning commission, and the zoning board of appeals. I am also inviting members of the local school district like the superintendent, principles and vice principles of appropriate schools, and the board of education. The Senior Center will also get an invitation. Eventually I will get around to deciding what businesses I will send invitations to.

In past weeks I have been trying to find new ways to reach teens in the community. So far I have tried to reach them through art classes in public schools, private schools, and by sending information to church youth ministries. Today I was helping a woman who homeschools her children and I asked her what sort of local organizations exist for homeschool mom's. She was able to give me the names of some yahoogroups for home schooling parents. I sent out two emails and I have already recieved a reply from the owner of one of the groups saying she will share the information with her group members. Hopefully the other group will be as welcoming.

Signing off...

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